We are an island fusion cafe that also offers paddleboard sales and rentals. We make custom paddleboards. Check out our new gear.

We are now open daily from 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM six days a week! We are still closed on Mondays. We are going to start posting weekly specials on our facebook page so please stay tuned for some new exciting creations. Our kitchen has been improved so you can expect faster ticket times than ever. Call 305-699-9419 to place a pickup order if you are on the go.

We, at Gratitude believe that the essence of living well begins with an attitude of gratitude. Setting pride aside and being grateful opens the door for true learning, higher understanding, and purpose. We are grateful for this opportunity to help ignite passion and personal growth within the individuals of our community and it is our goal to implement a new standard in what it means to be alive and well.

Putting true focus on living in the present moment in the highest vibration of gratitude and the development of your mind, body and soul will set you up for success and we will help get you there...read more