Endeavor Blue

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The Endeavor is 12ft x 34in wide x 6in thick making it extremely buoyant. This board can handle up to a 600b board which makes it great for sharing. We developed this board to cater to fishermen and marine life explorers of all types. This board is sure to be the most extreme and innovative paddleboard ever developed, with numerous attachments that allow you to explore the waterways with all of your gear.

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• The board “12ft x 34in wide x 6in thick”
• 2 removable fishing rod holders
• A cooler mount
• Dive tank mount
• 3 part carbon fiber paddle
• Backpack for storage
• Fiber Glass Honeycomb Fins
• Ankle leash
• High pressure pump
• Extensive Warranty
• A repair kit
• Kayak back rest that clips on[/x_accordion_item]
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